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kgcummings  (April 11, 1949 - )  born Kathy Ann Cummings in Oswego, New York

to parents Raymond E. and Gertrude Kathryn DeSantis Cummings. For nearly 20 years she worked for a contractor to the United States Air Force as a civilian equivalent to an AF X2 computer operator in the Standard Base Supply System. This experience gave her the opportunity to become acquainted with many Veterans who inspired her novel trilogy, Her first novel, The Wind Whispers War, was self published in 2006. It was soon followed by several more novels to continue the historical romance series based in the Vietnam Era.  Ms. Cummings currently resides in Florida, and continues to write novels and poetry.

Reader Feedback:


'The Wind Whispers War' is indeed a thought provoking, and at the same time beautiful tribute to all the brave souls who fought and paid the ultimate price during the perilous years of war. Outstanding composition.
Stuart Ross McCallum ~ Australia
Author of: Beyond my Control - Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond 
Book One..Wind Whispers War..cried at the "heart". Was almost afraid to read the book..glad I did. Excellent reading guys. I'm already on Welcome...With WRATH, # 3.  It's good to know there's more to look forward to. Too many authors use their best material the first couple of books, then start to burn out. I'm definitely liking these!
Tricia ~ Louisiana
(pen name T.J. Anthony)
Author of: The Haunting of Woodwind

The letters (book 2) took me right back to the moments I lived during that time and made me think of things I hadn’t thought of – or didn’t want to think of – for many years.

Steve ~ Florida

KG Cummings captured the 1960s era perfectly in her historical romance series set in American towns and Vietnam. It will take young people to a strange and mythical time, but take many of us back to joyful memories and harsh realities. 
Trudy ~  Maryland 

…an interesting Author....Kathy sheds a different light on the lives of those that served in Viet Nam... The Truth.
 Janie ~ Pennsylvania 

…characters are so amazing I feel like I know them personally.  I now anxiously await the fourth “What Went Wrong”. I know it will be as excellent as the first three.
Benita Smith Richards ~ California
Author of: I Believe in Miracles

 I love this book and all the books that I have that she has written.  Some day the world will receive the gift of her writings!
Wandalyn ~ Florida

   … a talent that is rare. I have read all 3 books and each one was GREAT. The Wind Whispers War, in my opinion, was one of the best books I read.  …the book made me laugh - cry - gasp and most of all happy. I was also sad because I did not want the story to end. I am a book a week reader and I recommend to all to buy these books and just sit back and enjoy the read. Really looking forward to book four.
Nancy ~  New York

  …an incredibly talented writer. The way she writes really makes you feel like you are there with the characters!

Gina ~  Florida


… one of the most talented authors of our time. Keep them coming.
Dossie H. Terrell~ California

Author of: Sincerely Yours

a friend loaned me her copy of  “The Wind Whispers War”.  I didn’t want to give it back, Jeff and Beth were brought to life thru her words, but I shall soon have all of her books if I can help it, for my library needs to have some brilliance added to it… I can hardly wait to read more. She has truly penned a great story.

Brenda Gail ~ California


Having read all three of the published books on this wonderful story I find the second time reading them even better than the first. From laughter to tears you get to feel like you know the people portrayed there. I loaned my copy to a lady who said she didn’t read much anymore the next day she asked for book two!  It seems to capture your heart and soul. this book should be #1 on all book sites.

David ~ Missouri


All high quality writings, to be fully enjoyed. She has the ability to incorporate her inner feelings with surrounding reality, get it on paper and bring it to life. In her second book of letters, I was blown away by the reality that recounted exactly what my wife and I talked about while I was in "NAM". I look forward to her next book.

Phil ~ Florida


An author who takes the time to listen to the real drama of real lives and who can weave a timeless and gripping story that will be remembered.

Teri ~ unknown


Kathy is not only a wonderful writer but also a beautiful poet. She puts you back in the era, being a Nam Viet.  She has hit on all emotions, not only for me but to all those who have had their sons and daughters serve. Thank You for a job well done. They capture you and make it hard to put the books down.

Mike ~ Connecticut


Both her novels and poetry are first class. She definitely puts her heart & soul in all her work.
Timothy ~ Ohio


Kathy takes the reader on journeys of life whether it be in novel or poetically sung stories. She has the touch for making the reader become part of the play in the stories, a connection is made with the characters and it touches the heart. Anyone who reads Kathy’s works will not be disappointed!

Suzi ~ New York


I am inspired by not only her writing, but her exuberance for life. She possesses a spirit that is irresistible and delightfully charming. She has a rare ability to touch one's heart with her words and connect with her many readers through her amazing talent. I would encourage everyone to buy her books. They will not be disappointed!

Hazel ~ Ohio


Kathy, never ceases to amaze me with incredible talent, uniqueness, and attention to detail. Books should be on the #1 New York Times Bestseller list! I was so honored and blessed to have read these soldiers’ stories before they became books. I thank God for you Kathy, for telling the world what they went through.  She honors them with her words.  I too must say, if you’ve read one book, you MUST read them all! The impact is profound and you will never feel the same, you absolutely, positively, WILL NOT be disappointed.

Rosie ~ Michigan


 I am addicted to these books. I do not know what I will do when we reach the end of them!!!!!!!!!!

Janice ~ Tennessee


I finished the first book!!  Yayyyy!!! Very good! Now I just need to find out what happens next!!

Kathy ~ Indiana


Wow! if you guys haven’t read it, “The Wind Whispers War, a Vietnam Love Story” it is just really good. I just recently finally began reading it and I'm loving it. Thank you!

Barbara ~ California


Once I started, I didn't want to put it down..... even tho my eyes are giving me fits after a short 'read'  OK.... how long do I have to wait... for more?  I must tell you this...  I have read a lot of stuff, but kgcummings seems to have 'that touch' that makes one want a bit more... something like Beth! I must smile to myself, as I read along, I try to foresee what may be acommin... then she throws me...  I think that is a pretty neat 'trick'...  Anyway I just wanted to say that I found myself 'glued' to the book.

Ed ~ Connecticut

The Wind Whispers War: Book One  Outstanding! *****

It is romantic fiction that is well written with great story quality, great expression and with great imagery as well. It has great story appeal and was enjoyable from the beginning to the ending. I am looking forward to reading the next book in her series. This writer is very good with expressing the visual she is writing of and letting her readers feel the emotions of the characters. I do highly recommend to anyone that wants to read a love story of two teenagers and the obstacles they encounter during the era of the Vietnam War. It will take you back in time to the civil rights movement and the issues the soldiers did encounter during that time period. This is a great book of historical fiction!  I know it will be a success!!

Christina R Jussaume ~ Massachusetts 

Author of: Joseph's Star of Eternal Promise 

I just finished book 3 and I am in awe of her ability to tell a story!!!  I am addicted and in dire need of a fix!!  Where is Book 4?
Marti ~ Oregon

I read the Wind Whispers War by kgcummings and it is the best book I have ever read.
Marilyn ~ Illinois


AWESOME great talent, I get chills just reading what she writes, no matter what it is.
Ann ~  North Carolina

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