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The Wind Whispers War: A Vietnam Love Story  War Written Words: A Vietnam Love Story: Book Two  Welcome . . . With Wrath: Book Three  What Went Wrong?: Book Four  Wine, Women and Worries: Book Five  Well Worth the Wait: Book Six
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 The Wind Whispers War

The Wind Whispers War:A Vietnam Love StoryThe Wind Whispers War: A Vietnam Love Story

 ISBN: 978-1425960261

The early 1960’s… America had elected the youngest President in U.S. history. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" was the challenge issued to young and old alike. Nightly news brought rioting and violence into our homes, either supporting or opposing Black civil rights. Through the miracle of television, taped footage showed our President being killed, then TV broadcast it’s first live murder days later. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich days of the 1950’s were gone forever. World events, and pop culture had repercussions on the lives of the people you knew, your family, your friends, and your neighbors. Passion grows the moment Airman Jeffrey "Mad Dog" Madison gazes into the eyes of young, naïve Beth Campbell. As war threatens, this sensuous Historic Romance vividly details life. Step back in time as the Myth of Camelot is transformed into the Reality of Life.

War Written Words: Book Two
War Written Words: A Vietnam Love Story: Book Two
War Written Words: A Vietnam Love Story: Book Two

ISBN: 9781425991944

Brother against Brother, brings to mind the War Between the States. World War One, was called the War to End All Wars, and the Great War, until the Big One. World War Two. The Forgotten War? Korea. Yet, never to be forgotten is Viet Nam, the Hated War. In spite of cries for peace and love, Viet Nam became the war fought in living rooms across America. The mid 1960's saw the beginning of changes in attitudes that would trigger social unrest. Two people, one love, separated by time and distance with a despised war on one side, and growing protests to make love, not war on the other. The epistolary War Written Words is in the form of a series of letters exchanged by the characters, Jeff and Beth Madison during his tour of duty in South East Asia, with the exception of the three chapters at the end.

Welcome... With Wrath: Book Three
Welcome . . . With Wrath:Book Three
Welcome . . . With Wrath: Book Three

ISBN: 9781434308214

By the late 1960’s…  The challenge that invigorated early attitudes, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country", seemed to have been long forgotten.  Letters from Nam, returning soldiers, and a war that appeared to have no end, had shifted public opinion.  "Hell No! We Won’t Go!" was the reply by the end of the decade.  Music would swing from doo wop to acid rock.  Hair grew from duck tails, to mop tops, ratted and teased, to flowers and beads.  This novel is about relationships between people, and the effect that pop culture, and historical events had upon their lives. You know these people, they are your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and associates… every day, ordinary people.
As the trilogy comes to it’s conclusion, Turn on, tune in, drop out...

 What Went Wrong? Book Four
What Went Wrong?:Book Four
What Went Wrong?: Book Four 

ISBN: 9781438923451

 Following The Wind Whispers War, War Written Words, and Welcome… With Wrath, kgcummings continues the saga with her newest novel, What Went Wrong? As one reads the first book in the second trilogy involving fictional Jeff and Beth Madison, one soon realizes that they are reading about ordinary everyday people. Yet, the story line, and characters continue to captivate. The years this novel covers are referred to by many from the Vietnam era as, "the silent years". The men couldn’t, or wouldn’t talk about the war, women, friends, and family didn’t ask. Communication breakdown causes one to wonder… What Went Wrong? 


Wine Women... and Worries: Book Five
Wine, Women and Worries:Book Five
Wine, Women and Worries: Book Five

ISBN: 9781438947198

The 1980's... big hair, big dreams, big business, big breakthroughs for the veterans of the Hated War, Vietnam.  While "Yuppies" were caught up in acquiring expensive__, bigger__, designer__, imported__, the American Psychiatric Association recognized PTSD, and the U.S. Government accepted that nightmares, and flashbacks were war related.  Treatment was made available, however not before many more lives were lost whose names would never be on the Wall.  Sadly, we will say good-bye to some of the characters in this series as a result of too little, too late.  But, like the river, life continues to flow.  Wine, Women, and Worries is a book of closure.  What happens to Jason?  How does Marianne turn out?  Does Jeff give up his playboy lifestyle?  Why did Beth stay with Tom?  And, last but not least, do “they” ever get back together?   These questions will be answered. And, one small hint...  "Tomorrow they would be together forever." But, will they?  

Well Worth the Wait: Book Six  
    Well Worth the Wait
Well Worth the Wait: Book Six

ISBN: 9781438976914

Tomorrow they would be together forever...
Tomorrow came, binding two hearts, sharing one love... forever.  The endearing cast of characters triumph through a series of obstacles ranging from ghosts out of the past, to events no one saw coming.  Facing life head on, united through happiness and hardship, the Madison’s know that the past can not be changed, however the future is being built together, one precious day at a time.
This is the final book in the series about the lives of fictional characters Jeff Madison, and the love of his life, Beth.  They met long ago in Florida.  In the final chapter, they return to the place they fell in love to find all they hoped for in life was truly Well Worth the Wait.  The story ends with a heartfelt message to all that served in Vietnam.

WARNING: These novels are NOT intended for children. They contain sexually explicit scenes, war violence, and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.
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